Team SouL qualifies for BGIS 2021 Quarterfinals

Team Soul is India’s most fan-favorite team, Team Soul has qualified for the BGIS quarterfinal. earlier the second day of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series(BGIS) Online qualifiers for round 3 finishes. On the second day of BGIS total of four groups have taken part in the qualification, Groups 5, 7, 11, and 13 competed for a total number of 3 matches for the top 4 spots in their respective groups. only the top 4 from each group will move forward to the event’s quarter-finals.

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Team Soul Qualified for BGIS Quarterfinal

India’s most Fan-favorite Team Soul, Team Soul were competing in Group 13 for the top 4 spots to qualify for the quarterfinals of the BGIS 2021. and they made it with their gritty gameplay. The team was under a lot of pressure before this event because of the fans. However, they proved why they are most fan-favorite by putting up a strong performance in the most important phase of the tournament.

Team Soul started their day with a winner-winner chicken dinner but failed to perform in the next match because some game glitch killed team IGL, but they somehow manage to get some points from that match. which meant they had to perform very well in the third and final match. Viper was in his best form and gave his best when the team needs it most.

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BGIS Online Qualifiers Round 3 Day 2 Group 13 match standings

Group 13 match 1 standings
Team Soul wins the first match of BGIS Round 3 (Image via BGMI)

Team Soul dominated in the first match of group 13 they got 10 frags and winner-winner chicken dinner on the very first match, where Soul Oldest player Viper showed his class and took five frags for the team. on the second spot another invited team Orgless 5 they have some experienced players like Zigsaw and Shryder, Orgless 5 managed to eliminate five players and get the second spot from the first match.

In the second match which was played on the Miramar map won by Team BE and they got 14 kills, followed by team Atlantis somehow managing to get seven frags. Team Soul was surrounded by enemies earlier in the game, and an unfortunate game glitch killed team IGL Roxx but experienced player Viper took his team to seventh place.

Group 13 match 2 standings
Team Soul finished 7th place in match 2 and they got only 2 points (Image via BGMI)

Orgless 5 wins the third and final match of the day, they manage to get seven kills from the match. However, RIP Mizo Gaming dominate the whole lobby and they topped the points table for their whopping 19 frags. Team Zero Degree somehow manage to get the third spot with five kills. Soul was eliminated early, but the Team managed to get five finish points and 1 placement point, in total six points from the last match which helped them qualify.

Group 13 match 3 standings
Orgless 5 wins the third match of group 13 (Image via BGMI)

Group 13 Qualified teams from for BGIS Quarterfinals are

  1. RIP Mizo Gaming: 51 points
  2. Orgless5: 44 points
  3. Team BE: 37 points
  4. Team Soul: 33 points

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