Battlegrounds Mobile India Series BMIS 2021: Registration process, scoring system, and more

The BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES BMIS 2021 Registration starts on 19th July and ends on the 1st of August 2021. so Squad up now India for the very first official BGMI Biggest Tournament. This tournament has a ₹1 crore prize pool equivalent to USD $1,33,615.00.

There are a total of five phases in the tournament and in-game qualifiers, online qualifiers, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and grand final so you know let’s take a look at each stage right now.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Series BMIS 2021 Tournament Format

BMIS 2021 Tournament Format
BMIS 2021 Tournament Format – Image Via BGMI

BMIS 2021 Phase 1 – In-Game Qualifiers

In in-game qualifiers, you have to play 15 matches with registered team members. the best 10 out of 15 matches shall be evaluated and compared with the rest of the contestants in the top 1024 qualifying teams. in the in-game qualifier shall move on to the first round of online qualifiers. keep in mind that the in-game qualifiers are starting up from the 2nd of august and end by the 8th of august.

BMIS 2021 Phase 2 – Online Qualifiers

We will divide this phase into 3 different rounds, to understand the Online Qualifiers system.

  • In round one the 1024 qualified teams from the in-game qualifiers will be seeded into 64 groups, with each group playing two matches each the top eight teams from each group will be proceeding to the online qualifiers.
  • In round two the top 512 teams in round one will be seeded into 32 groups. each group will be playing two matches each on specified dates the top seven teams, from each group will proceed to online qualifiers.
  • Round three of online qualifiers will consist of 224 teams qualifying in round two seated together with 32 invited teams. these 256 teams will be seeded into 16 groups having two matches each the top four from each group will proceed to the quarterfinals.

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BMIS 2021 Phase 3 – Quarterfinals

Let’s discuss the quarterfinals, where the actual challenge begins quarter-finals has two phases

  • In the first phase of the quarterfinals, the top 64 teams from round three will be seeded into four groups. each group will be playing five matches. each of the top four teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals.
  • In the second phase, the losing 48 teams of phase one will be seeded into three groups, these three groups shall compete amongst themselves over six matches per group the top two teams from each group, and two teams with the most number of finishes amongst the 48 teams shall qualify for semi-finals.

BMIS 2021 Phase 4 – Semi-Finals

Here we also have finish cards and position cards the surviving 24 teams will compete against each other in a round-robin format. the top 16 squads with the highest cumulative points will move on towards the grand finale.

BMIS 2021 Phase 5 – Grand Finals

The final 16 squads will be contesting against each other in 20 matches spanning over four days. the squad with the highest cumulative points at the end of day four shall be declared as the winner of Battlegrounds Mobile India series BMIS 2021.

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How to Register in BMIS 2021? – Registration Process

BMIS 2021 How to Register
BMIS 2021 How to Register – Image Via BGMI

Registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India series BMIS 2021 will start on the 19th of July 2021 and end on the 1st of August 2021. the registration is divided into 3 steps, let me walk you through it

BMIS 2021 Team Details
BMIS 2021 Registration Process – Image Via BGMI

The first thing you’ll see is page 1 of the registration process and this is where our journey begins. now as the first step, you are going to need to fill out some details including team name, team owner’s name, a valid mobile number, and email address, and your city of residence.

now if you are the team captain and the team owner, make sure you check that box also. please keep in mind to provide a valid email address, and a valid mobile number, as the primary communication is going to be done through the same in the second phase.

All the details of the captain need to be filled out, now this includes your name, age, gender, email address, character id, in-game name, id proof, a valid mobile number, and of course your city, and state of residence. that is quite a mouthful so make sure you double-check before you hit next.

In the third and final phase of the registration process, the captain needs to fill in the details of the remaining teammates. now similar to the previous phase, all details must be entered, and make sure you double-check everything before you agree to the terms and conditions. on this page, if you are satisfied with all your details hit that submit button.

Register Now:

You should receive a confirmation mail, once you have successfully registered for the tournament. and in case you need to make any changes to the team, you can do so by editing the registration before the 1st of august, through a unique link sent to you within your confirmation mail.

Scoring system for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series BMIS 2021

1st Position – 15 points

2nd Position – 12 points

3rd Position – 10 points

4th Position – 8 points

5th Position – 6 points

6th Position – 4 points

7th Position – 2 points

8th Position – 1 point

9th Position – 1 point

10th Position – 1 point

11th Position – 1 point

12th Position – 1 point

13th Position – 0 point

14th Position – 0 point

15th Position – 0 point

16th Position – 0 point

Every finish – 1 point

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series BMIS 2021 is open for all tournament. anyone can participate and the final date for the registration is August first. Those who are 16 years old or older but under the age of 18 must need their guardian’s permission using the parental consent form in Appendix 2 of the rulebook. Those who are eligible for the event are encouraged to register now.

Good Luck 🙂

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