Cristiano returned home

Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR Seven started today at Manchester United, so it would not be an exaggeration to call that Manchester club Ronaldo’s home. Ronaldo joined Manchester United after the final climax of two days of drama.

Rumors of Ronaldo leaving Juventus are quite old. It was heard that he would leave Juventus and go to Real Madrid, PSG. At the last minute, the journey of Manchester City, another club from Manchester, was much more final. But in the midst of all the drama on Friday, Ron wants to confirm that Juventus want to leave the club, the CTO said that they will not bring Ronaldo to the club.

Then came the scene of Manchester United. Ronaldo gladly agreed to an offer from his old club. Manchester United and Ronaldo signed a two-year deal on Friday

According to, Cristiano’s former club Juventus will receive Ronaldo’s transfer fee of 28 million Euros. According to ESPN, Juventus will get a bonus of 6 million with a transfer fee of 15 million. However, the two clubs Manchester United and Juventus have not yet officially announced the news of the money transaction; However, the BBC quoted Manchester United as saying that the transfer fee was 12.5 million euros. If all goes well, Ronaldo will be medical in Lisbon today and will be able to play in the English Premier League from next game week.

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