How to Complete Destiny 2 Crew Control Triumph

The Scallywag title in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder isn’t all that horrible. However, there are a handful of Triumphs that are a bit tough, such as Salty Smith and Robber Baron. Another curious Triumph required to become a Scallywag is Crew’s Control, which requires you to summon each of the three crew members (well, really four) in Expedition and Ketchcrash mode. You may have to try recruiting the crewmates and discover that you still have no progress, what’s the deal?

There are a few criteria for obtaining the Destiny 2 Crew’s Control Triumph. To begin, you must unlock the crew member to become a First Mate by paying Repute on the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M. Each crew member has been raised to the rank of First Mate, which boosts the benefits they get offered when recruited in a Ketchcrash or Expedition mission. You may have entered one of these tasks, recruited your crew member, and discovered that you were still making no progress because there’s one more step to take.


For example, in the Captain’s Atlas on the mission screen, you must really assign a crewman as your First Mate. Open the Captain’s Atlas the way you would a treasure map. If you can designate a crew member as a First Mate, an additional option should appear underneath the map choices where you may pick from among the team members you’ve improved. Fortunately, this option does not reset between activities, so whatever you choose will remain active until you alter it.

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After that, you should be ready to go on a Ketchcrash or Expedition mission and begin working on the Crew’s Control Triumph. Remember that you can call crew members numerous times on every mission. The banner will go inactive for a few seconds after they despawn, however you may then recall them. Once you’ve called one First Mate 15 times, swap to the next one you require, and you’ll be able to complete the Destiny 2 Crew’s Control Triumph in no time. Another step towards becoming a Scallywag!

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