Crew Weibo topped PEL 2021 Season 2 week 2 PUBG Mobile

PEL 2021 Season 2

The second week of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) 2021 Season 2 concluded with Crew Weibo rising as champions. Together with the weekly title, they had been additionally awarded 1,000,000 Yuan ($155,000) in prize cash.

On May 16, the second week final of the S2 season of the PEL 2021 Peace Elite Professional League ended at the Xi’an Quantum Morning VSPN E-sports Center. In the end, the S1 and PEI double champions WBG were dominated by the excellent performance of the weekly finals. 2021 PEL S2 Week 2 Championship honors.

After the WBG team scored 85 points on the first day of the weekly finals and refreshed the record for the highest single-day points of the season, the next day of the weekly finals continued to get 71 points, with 74 eliminations and a total of 156 points, leading the second place 52. With a huge advantage of points, he got the weekly championship racing helmet and million championship prizes.

WBG team has accumulated a lot of development and now dominance refreshed the highest points on the first day and laid the championship advantage

PEL 2021 Season 2 Week 2 Day 4 total standings

PEL 2021 Season 2
PEL 2021 Season 2 week 2 final standings – Image via PEL 2021

The WBG team performed well early this week. On the first day of the promotion game, they only ranked 9th with 34 points and missed the advancement. By the second day of the knockout round, WBG’s status improved slightly, ranking sixth with 44 points, and successfully advanced to the weekly finals. On the first day of the weekly finals, the WBG state broke out. In the third round, 15 eliminations and 31 points were scored. The first 3 rounds scored 74 points to establish an advantage.

In the end, the WBG team scored 43 eliminations and 85 points on the first day, breaking the record for the highest points in a single day of the season, leading the second-place RNG by 28 points, laying the foundation for the road to victory. WBG-Z9 also praised the team’s performance: “Everyone was in good shape yesterday, and all the opportunities that should be seized were seized; now the communication in the team is in place, and the idea of ​​commanding Hokusai is also very clear.”

In the first game of the second day of the week finals, RNG and TJB were eliminated early to postpone catching up. In stage 7, only WBG, TC, and Tianba formed 4v3v1. The WBG-general grenade blew up the Tianba lone wolf. At the moment of victory, the signal circle was shrunk. To the south of the garbage station, Z9 defeated Natural Chan, Wei Wuxian defeated MingSkr, Stage 9 generals defeated God of Cooking Xiaoyao, Z9 defeated Wei Wuxian, and WBG successfully ate the cake. After this game, WBG expanded its lead with 102 points, and RNG ranked second with 41 points behind.

PEL 2021 Season 2 week 2 final standings
PEL 2021 Season 2 week 2 final standings – Image via PEL 2021

In the second round, MIngSkr and Z92 from WBG took the initiative to attack LGD, but they were both defeated by their opponents. In stage 4, the RNG was replaced by the lone wolf by the TC and was out early again. Stage 5 Hokusai eliminated the NV lone wolf para boy, stage 7 LGD was beaten as a lone wolf by WBG and TJB, and then LGD was eliminated. Phase 8 TJB was eliminated by WBG without injury, only JDE, Q9, TC, and WBG formed 4v4v2v2, and Q9 was eliminated by WBG and JDE together.

At the decisive moment, the signal circle shrank in Ipo City, and the generals passed through and eliminated TC, but in the end, JDE eliminated WBG by virtue of its numerical advantage. The last two people ate the cake. After the game, WBG scored 18 points and led second place with 120 points. JDE had a 50-point gap, and LGD ranked third with 65 points. After this game, JDE-Qingyou bluntly said that the general’s performance is unbelievable: “The general’s wave of wearing two problems suggests a urine test. Recently, they are too top to want to meet.”

In the 3rd round, Phase 1 JDE and NV team battles defeated opponents and 2 players got 4 early elimination points. Phase 2 NV was destroyed by the JDE team, and JDE took another 4 early elimination points. Phase 3 WBG was defeated by TJB and Z9, phase 4 JDE was destroyed by the group and the momentum of chasing points was stopped. At the decisive moment, the signal circle shrank to the southeast side of Ha Jin. STE and WBG formed 4v2. MingSkr locked in position and knocked out Su Nan, Shi Huai defeated the general, MingSkr defeated Shi Huai and Shan Zhi, but in the end, Lolita defeated MingSkr to help STE eat. cake. After this game, WBG expanded its advantage with 135 points, and JDE ranked second with 79 points. The 56-point lead also put them within reach of the championship. As long as they can play steadily in the next game, they can win the championship.

Steadily and steadily fight WBG to lock in the championship, the general force presses Cheng c to become the new elimination king

In the 4th round, stage 5 WBG uninjured group destroys STE, and no injury group destroys LGD in an instant. Then TJB is destroyed by WBG and other teams. In stage 6, JDE destroys the WBG group, and then NV accepts JDE. At the decisive moment, the signal circle shrank to the northwest side of City R. NV, TC and TEC formed 4v3v3. TEC and TC fought each other to defeat each other. TEC was eliminated first. In the end, NV took advantage of the number of people and Ling and Yi accepted the last two pairs. Eat the cake. After this game, WBG secured the championship with 152 points, JDE ranked second with 92 points, and TC ranked third with 89 points.

In the 5th round, stage 1 TEC was eliminated by Q9 group, stage 2 WBG and ACT team battle, ACT changed 1 to 4, WBG ended this week’s final. In stage 6 the NV group destroys TJB, and in stage 7 LGD is eliminated by the ST group, and the NV group destroys the Tianba group. Stage 9: RNG, ST, and NV team battle, RNG was eliminated first, ST was also eliminated, the final moment of the final victory, the signal circle shrank to the southwest side of P City, the remaining NV and TC in the circle, the three NV have fallen to the ground. NV and TC formed 1v1, Yi and Wei Wuxian singled out. Yi withstood the pressure and defeated the opponent and helped NV get the cake.

Top 5 Kill Leaders Of PEL 2021 Week 2
Top 5 Kill Leaders Of PEL 2021 Week 2 – Image via PEL 2021

In the end, WBG won the PEL 2021 S2 Week 2 Championship with 156 points, won the weekly championship racing helmet and the million champion prize. NV relied on the cake in the last game to overtake multiple teams and won the runner-up with 104 points. In the elimination list, WBG-General defeated LGD-Cheng, who was also 23 eliminated, with 23 eliminations, and won the elimination king. After the game, the general said:

“Everyone is very happy and broke the record this time. I hope I can work harder next time to get more glory!”

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