Team Soul holds 1st Position after BMPS Season 1 League Stage Week 1

After 16 matches, Team Soul came out on top in the overall rankings, the first team to reach 200 points in the first week of the BMPS League Stage Season 1, 2022.

OR Esports had a lousy day, scoring only 11 points, but they are still in the second position with 192. Nigma Galaxy (156), who had an outstanding showing today.

The only squad in the top seven without a chicken dinner is Enigma Esports. They scored 143 points, including 72 finish points. After another poor day, Team XO slipped to 17th place in the overall rankings. With one chicken dinner, Hydra Official climbed up to 13th place.

BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 4 Overview

Team INS got off to a great start in the opening match, winning a 14-kill chicken dinner. With three kills respectively, GOG and Hydra came in second and third. Nigma Galaxy received 15 points, including 9 finish points, while OR and Blind received only two points respectively. With seven frags, INS Joker was named MVP.

Big Brother gets the second match chicken dinner between Group B and Group C in Miramar with 14 finishes. With seven eliminations respectively, Walkouts and ACBC came in second and third. 7Sea had a great match, scoring 19 points. Nigma Galaxy and Team Soul gained 9 and 6 points, respectively.

Switching to Sanhok, the Autobotz triumphed in the third match between Group A and Group C. 7Sea and Team Soul both received 16 points, but Team XO only received one. Orva was the match’s MVP, with five finishes, and Goblin was the top fragger.

BMPS week 1

Hydra Official, which is owned by renowned content creator Dynamo, won their 1st winner winner chicken dinner on the 4th day of the League Stage of BMPS 2022 Season 1. With seven frags, R Esports came in second, chased by Enigma Gaming. Without scoring a single point, Team Soul and XO were eliminated in 14th and 15th place. With 5 eliminations, GOG Nickop was named MVP.

Initiative Academy gained momentum in the League Stage after securing a 10-kill chicken dinner in the sixth match. Walkouts put yet another strong showing in the match, scoring 17 points. Both Retribution and INS received 15 points.

In the sixth and final match of week 1 of the league stage of BMPS Season 1, 2022, MJ led Nigma Galaxy to a 14-kill victory. In the final round, they defeated 7Sea and Blind Esports. 8 points were earned by Team Soul through finishes.

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