How to book tickets on Bangladesh Railway

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Process: The Railway system is the best transportation system in almost every country around the world. You can travel long distances at a cheap price and it’s a safe journey for all. Most people loved to travel by Rail because of its service system. But due to route planning sometimes it took much more time than it should take.


Bangladesh railway was founded back on 15 November 1862 and the headquarters is in Dhaka, Bangladesh it is governed by the Ministry of Railway and Bangladesh Railway Authority. The Railway network was developed by the British Government during that period. After a long time, Bangladesh Govt invested thousands of millions of dollars to develop the rail network across the country. Lots of projects are under development right now like Dohazari to Cox’sBazar New Rail Network which will expand to Ghundhum, Padma Bridge Rail Network which will connect Dhaka to Jessore and other parts and it will reduce the time to reach destinations of the travelers. Another big project is undergoing, like Bangabandhu Rail Bridge at Jamuna River.

How to book tickets on Bangladesh Railway


Booking tickets or purchasing is a problem for all types of travelers whether it’s for Air, Bus, Launch, or Railway. Sometimes during any festival, it’s really tough to get the desired number of tickets for them. Especially in Bangladesh, a densely populated country we do have two main festivals like Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha. During these festivals, people traveled to their native places to enjoy the holidays with their families.

At that time almost half of the people of Dhaka city moved to the other cities and during this time huge pressure came on the railway systems. People need to book their tickets before a week or more. The railway authority announces the schedule of the dates when they can purchase the tickets through online and offline. Currently, Bangladesh Railway has an agreement with Shohoz who has the other options to provide online tickets for Buses and Launches.

A few days from now maybe the 10th of July 2022 Bangladesh is going to observe the Eid Ul Adha. During this time the railway network will face a lot of pressure from a huge number of passengers who will travel by train. Bangladesh Railway will provide some special trains for the travelers but we need to purchase the tickets from the stated dates otherwise tickets will not be available due to huge demands.

Advance Rail Ticket Booking Schedule for Eid Ul Adha-2022
Ticket Purchasing/Booking DatesDate of Journey
01 July 202205 July 2022
02 July 202206 July 2022
03 July 202207 July 2022
04 July 202208 July 2022
05 July 202209 July 2022

You can also book/purchase your return tickets on the following dates

Advance Return Rail Ticket Booking Schedule for Eid Ul Adha-2022
Ticket Purchasing/Booking DatesDate of Journey
07 July 202211 July 2022
08 July 202212 July 2022
09 July 202213 July 2022
11 July 202214-15 July 2022

Purchasing rail tickets through online:


Purchasing rail tickets online is good for all because it helps us to purchase our rail tickets in advance from home, it reduces the time and hassle and also saves our money as well. Though not everyone can purchase the tickets online due to lack of knowledge and huge demands of the ticket. Anyone can purchase their tickets from Railway webportal or Mobile App named Rail Sheba anyone can download the app from the play store and can purchase the tickets from their mobile as well.

The registration process of rail ticket:


As I mentioned earlier that anyone can purchase the rail tickets from the Railway E-Ticket system, one person can register themselves once at the site and each time they can purchase their own ticket for this reason they need to put their personal information to make sure no one can travel instead of the passenger. One person can purchase a ticket for 4 people at a time.

How to book tickets on Bangladesh Railway
Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket Web Portal

Bangladesh Railway E-TIcket Website

First of all you need to visit rail e-ticket website: if you’ve registered yourself before you can login to the site or you need to registered yourself by providing the information like name, email, phone number and ID information (Birth Certificate, NID Card number). Once you’ve entered the information the site will send you a confirmation email to activate your user account at the E-Ticket website.


Registration Form

When you’ve completed your registration process you can start checking the ticket information and can purchase your desired ticket from the site. To purchase any ticket you need to click the Purchase Ticket button and it will take you to the purchase ticket page from where you can select your destination, train, category and number of tickets (4 ticket/seats can be purchased at a time)



When you complete your process it will take you to the next page where you can see if the seats are available or not. If you want to purchase the tickets you can choose your seats as well. After confirming the seats it will take you to the payment form. You can pay through Credit card, bKash, Nagad or Brac Bank account right now.


Ticket booking process

You can select the train and dates from here


After completing your payment Shohoz will send you the E-Tickets to your email. After that, you need to show that E-Ticket and your ID card to confirm your Identity and you can collect your printed tickets from the specified rail station. Remember railway authorities are now more strict about rail ticketing systems. So the correct person can travel with a valid ticket.

Similar way you can also purchase your tickets from Rail Sheba mobile apps. I hope this information will help you a little bit about How to book tickets on Bangladesh Railway. If you have any other questions regarding E-Ticket systems you can ask me in the comment box and can share this with your friends.

Have a safe journey with Bangladesh Railway.

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