GTA Online 5 best weapons in 2021

Each title within the GTA franchise has been extraordinarily enjoyable. Whereas the missions have been exhilarating, it is very important observe that progress within the recreation is not potential with out a magnificent collection of weapons.

GTA Online has a number of methods to unlock new weapons. Nearly every weapon within the game is offered at the Ammu-Nation gun store. Some might be unlocked after finishing challenges however most require gamers to rank up within the game.

Naturally, every weapon has its perks. Micro SMG has been part of the GTA franchise for a very long time now. It initially began off with 16 rounds, however, an improvement makes it potential for the weapon to carry 30 rounds. Undoubtedly, it is likely one of the most dependable weapons within the game and will also be used whereas driving.

On the flip aspect, the Heavy Sniper is likely one of the most interesting weapons for long-range shots and a single shot (if the accuracy is nice) can take down enemies, making it a deadly addition to a participant’s arsenal.

This article will throw extra mild on one of the best weapons in GTA Online right now.

Which weapons are trending in GTA Online right now?

5 – Heavy Revolver MK II

Simply one of many most interesting pistols within the game, it’s also probably the most dependable because it offers nice damage.

The weapon was launched in GTA Online as a part of the Doomsday Heist update. It prices an astounding $99,000 however gamers recommend that the pistol is price every penny and serves as an excellent addition to their arsenal.

GTA Online Heavy Revolver MK II
Heavy Revolver MK II One of the most powerful pistols in the GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

It does higher when in comparison with the common Heavy Revolver and is ready to shoot faster as effectively. Apparently, this weapon makes use of various kinds of ammo, together with incendiary rounds, tracer rounds, and hollow-point rounds amongst others.

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4 – Special Carbine

This weapon is on the market within the game for $14,750. It offers nice damage and has higher accuracy than another weapon in this class.

Advanced Rifle got here fairly shut to creating this list as it is a highly effective weapon for the worth that it is out there for in GTA Online.

GTA Online Special Carbine
In GTA Online Special Carbine is a better choice in terms of accuracy (Image via Rockstar Games)

It is one other dependable weapon that a number of GTA gamers like utilizing. Sadly, even upgrading the weapon would not enhance its accuracy.

For a similar cause, the Special Carbine is a better option even when the gamers are concerned in a run-and-gun scenario within the streets of Los Santos.

3 – Combat MG MK II

It is likely one of the deadliest weapons within the game and comes with a hefty price tag. This deadly weapon was launched through the Gunrunning update released and this gun costs a staggering $119,000 as a conversion within the Weapon Workshop in the GTA Online.

GTA Online Combat MG MK II
Combat MG MK II can easily hold 200 rounds (Image via Rockstar Games)

The deadly weapon has a huge ammo capacity of 100 rounds, or 200 if the magazine is upgraded.

It could simply take out the whole lot in its path. The variety of rounds is certainly the highlight of this weapon. As soon as equipped, gamers haven’t got to worry about reloading.

2 – Heavy Sniper MK II

The Heavy Sniper is on the market in GTA Online for $165,375. This can be a weapon gamer can go for in the event that they need to get rid of enemies situated at a distance from themselves.

This weapon additionally turns out to be useful throughout stealth missions the place gamers can simply take the goal out from a distance without being observed.

GTA Online Heavy Sniper MK II
In GTA Online Heavy Sniper deals great damage at long range (Image via Rockstar Games)

Gamers can improve this weapon to make it much more highly effective. Tremendous explosive ammo provides much more power behind each shot. Nevertheless, utilizing specialized ammo reduces the magazine capacity to 4 rounds. However, that is not actually an issue with this weapon.

1 – Pump Shotgun MK II

That is one other weapon that was added to the game in the course of the Doomsday Heist update. It prices $82,500 within the Weapon Workshop as a conversion and is rather more highly effective than the default shotgun in GTA Online.

GTA Online Pump Shotgun MK II
The Pump Shotgun is more powerful than the default shotgun in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Pump Shotgun is extremely highly effective and dependable, and upgrading it may well make it a fair higher drive to be reckoned with. It may be loaded with explosive ammo, which makes it tough for the enemies to counter. Apart from explosive ammo, this weapon can use a number of different sorts of ammo as effectively.

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