Top 5 WWE superstars who should survived more in the Men’s Royal Rumble 2022

After months of anticipation, Royal Rumble 2022 completed its proceedings on January twenty-nine. The name contests were the foremost awaited ones.

The men’s edition of the 30-superstar battle royal was the most event of the night. it absolutely was an unexpectedly fast-paced event that ended in fifty-one minutes and thirty seconds, the shortest edition since 2010.

Not many superstars got the possibility to impress fans with their performances. Moreover, only one entrant emerges as the victor, and twenty-nine superstars have to be compelled to leave empty-handed.

Speaking of these twenty-nine superstars, many of them exceeded our expectations. however, it isn’t sunshine and rainbows for everyone. a number of had their hopes crushed earlier than expected.

Our list will focus on 5 superstars who ought to have survived longer within the men’s Royal Rumble Match.

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#5. AJ styles should have survived till the end moment


AJ styles were this year’s Iron Man for the main event. However, it didn’t appear sufficient.

Having entered the ring at #1, everybody had high hopes for the phenomenal One. whereas there were seeds of doubt planted for Brock Lesnar’s entry, a majority of fans wanted styles to triumph.

He had a superb outing as he eliminated six superstars (Shinsuke Nakamura, Robert Roode, Austin Theory, Ridge holland, Sami Zayn, and Olmos), better than anyone else.

The approach he eliminated Nakamura and played a vital part in Omos’ elimination, it was being perceived that he might stand tall in the event. the former WWE Champion survived for twenty-nine minutes and six seconds, better than all competitors. However, it would’ve been satisfactory if styles survived for an extended length.

His final ranking was #17, which doesn’t define who AJ styles are. Considering that Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon entered late into the match, it would’ve been higher if the phenomenal One interacted with these stars with whom he features a history.

#4. The Royal Rumble coaching didn’t benefit Dominik Mysterio


For weeks, Rey Mysterio trained Dominik Mysterio concerning the basics of the Rumble. Their segments, especially alongside the street Profits, were delightful to observe.

Many expected Dominik to utilize his coaching in the 30-man match and create it to the ultimate four or 5. it was also speculated that Dominik would be the person behind Rey Mysterio’s elimination.

However, contrary to what everybody expected, Dominik got his hopes crushed way early into the match. the actual fact that he was eliminated even before Rey Mysterio entered the match was difficult.

#3. big E could not create a mark at the Royal Rumble


Big E entered the year because of the reigning WWE Champion. What felt just like the starting of the prime of his career was the beginning of his downfall.

Since losing his title at the WWE Day one, he has been on a losing spree. while it was expected that he might triumph during this year’s Rumble, not even once did he seem to be a contender during the match.

Randy Orton & Riddle tossed him over the highest rope, ending his struggle. Moreover, he could not manage to interact with Brock Lesnar, the person behind his downfall.

It was AN unfortunate day for The New Day as King Woods did not enter the Rumble, and, for the primary time, Kofi Kingston didn’t save himself.

#2. Shinsuke Nakamura was eliminated way too early


The men’s Royal Rumble started on a high note when the first 2 entrants were AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, severally.

The history between the two titans assured a spectacle within the starting. However, Nakamura’s performance was obscurity near his standards.

The Rockstar of WWE spent five minutes and fifty-one seconds and could not accumulate any elimination to his name. Moreover, he was the second superstar after Robert Roode to induce thrown over the highest rope.

Meanwhile, his ally Rick Boogs showed spectacular dominance within the ring. Analyzing things, a feud between the 2 for the worldwide title appears inevitable.

#1. Randy Orton didn’t survive till the end of the Royal Rumble


Perhaps the favorite to stand tall within the Rumble, Randy Orton didn’t impress along with his performance in St. Louis, Missouri, his hometown.

Every eye was set on the timer for #29. although the majority of the viewers had already speculated it had been Orton who’d step foot next, nobody may stop themselves from shouting once his theme song played.

The Apex Predator survived only a pair of minutes and twenty-one seconds as his time was cut short by The Beast Incarnate. more than anything, we could not witness Randy Orton’s death penalty AN RKO out of obscurity on Brock Lesnar.

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