WWE Smackdown Results 3/4/22 – 4th March 2022

WWE Smackdown Results 3/4/22. WWE Smackdown Results 4 March 2022. The WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] will broadcast this Friday with a new episode of WWE Smackdown from Miami, Florida at FTX Arena [FTX Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in Miami, Florida, along Biscayne Bay, United States]

we are here to report the results of WWE Smackdown on 4th March 2022.

Follow our full article to know what happens in WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] Smackdown this
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WWE Smackdown Results 4 March 2022

  • New Champion Ricochet [Trevor Mann] defeated Sami Zayn and win the WWE Intercontinental
    Championship Title.
  • Naomi defeated Carmella
  • Drew-McIntyre [Andrew McLean Galloway] defeated Jinder Mahal
  • [The Bloodline] Jimmy-Uso and Jey-Uso defeated [The Viking Raiders] Erik and Ivar and retain the WWE
    Smackdown Tag Titles.
  • Ronda-Rousey defeated Sonya Deville

1. Ricochet vs. Sami Zayn for the [WWE Intercontinental Championship Title] Match

Ricochet immediately rolled Sami-Zayn into a pin and got a two count. both fighters eventually fought
on the apron where Sami-Zayn stuffed a superkick. Sami-Zayn performed a wicked suplex on the apron
that sent Ricochet to the floor heading into a commercial break. [C]

Sami-Zayn caught Ricochet going for a springboard move and powerbombed him on the way down for a
near fall. Ricochet [Trevor Mann] rallied and picked up a near fall, then hit a standing moonsault move
and got another good near fall. Sami-Zayn rolled to ringside but Ricochet performed a handspring into a
moonsault over the top rope onto Sami-Zayn on the floor. Sami-Zayn regained offensive control.

Suddenly Johnny-Knoxville’s entrance music played and he came out wearing t-shirt that listed Sami-
Zayn as the Intercontinental Chump. Ricochet [ Trevor Mann] hit a distracted Sami-Zayn with a
Frankensteiner move and scored the pin…

Ricochet [Trevor Mann] defeated Sami Zayn and win the WWE Intercontinental Championship Title.

WWE Talk: Michael Cole asked Patrick Justin McAfee who his opponent will be at WrestleMania. Austin-
Theory made his entrance. Austin-Theory said he competes on Raw and described himself as the
protege of Vince-McMahon. “Wherever Mr. Vince-McMahon goes, Austin Theory goes,” Theory said.

Austin-Theory looked down to the broadcast table and asked why Vince-McMahon appeared on
McAfee’s show. Austin Theory said Vince-McMahon set up McAfee. He said McMahon knows that
Patrick Justin McAfee is a loudmouth and everyone wants him to shut up. Austin Theory asked Patrick
Justin McAfee what he would do when his jaw is wired shut.

Austin Theory went to the broadcast table [I’m your opponent at WrestleMania Event, and I’m going to
beat you” Austin Theory said then Austin Theory knocked Patrick Justin McAfee’s headset off. Patrick
Justin McAfee stood on the broadcast table and said, [Get back here you little bitch Theory took selfie
from the stage. [I don’t know who you are] Patrick Justin McAfee yelled.

Michael Cole had McAfee drop down from the desk and said he would regain his composure. Patrick
Justin McAfee questioned who Austin Theory was.Patrick Justin McAfee said Michael Cole is a horrible
human being because Vince told him that that. He wondered if Michael Cole knew about it and then
said it was his fault. Michael Cole assured him that he knows nothing about it or anything.

2. Carmella (with Queen Zelina) vs. Naomi (with Sasha Banks)

Naomi defeated Carmella

3. Jinder Mahal [with Shanky] vs. Drew-McIntyre

The broadcast team acknowledged the history between Drew-McIntyre and Jinder-Mahal without
getting into specifics. Drew-McIntyre did the countdown and hit his Claymore Kick move to win the brief

Drew-McIntyre [Andrew McLean Galloway] beat Jinder Mahal

4. [The Bloodline] Jimmy-Uso and Jey-Uso vs. [The Viking Raiders] Erik and Ivar for the [WWE
Smackdown Tag Titles] Match

Michael Cole noted that the Usos entered the match with a 229-day title reign. The Viking Raiders went
on the offensive early Ivar [Todd James Smith] performed a top rope splash move on Jimmy Uso for a
near fall and Erik tagged in.

The Viking Raiders set up for their finisher move but Jey Uso cut them off and ran Ivar into the ring post.
The Usos hit a double team move on Erik then The Usos isolated Erik while Ivar remained down at
ringside. Jey Uso ran Erik’s head into the ring post then Jimmy Uso tagged in and then the Usos tossed
Erik over the barricade and into the timekeepers area. [C]

The Viking Raiders was took offensive control coming out of the Commercial break. Ivar [Todd James
Smith] slammed Jimmy Uso and had him pinned, but Jey Uso made the save at the last moment. Ivar
[Todd James Smith] went for a springboard move but Jimmy-Uso pulled him to ringside. Erik and Jey-Uso
traded near falls. Jimmy-Uso tagged in and then the Usos hit One and Done [3D K.O] move on Erik and
score the pin…

[The Bloodline] Jimmy-Uso and Jey-Uso defeated [The Viking Raiders] Erik and Ivar and retain the WWE
Smackdown Tag Titles.

5. Sonya Deville vs. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey wore a knee brace Just as the match was about to start. another side Smackdown Women’s
Champion Charlotte Flair made her entrance. It was all Ronda Rousey to start She set up for her finisher
move but Charlotte Flair climbed onto the apron and distracted her. Sonya Deville chop-blocked Ronda
Rousey’s back knee.

Charlotte Flair joined the broadcast team and she said that Ronda Rousey is a one-trick pony who only
has the armbar. Charlotte Flair said she knows how to reverse the move. Ronda Rousey made her

comeback move and wrapped her legs around the head of Sonya Deville who was in the ropes. Ronda
Rousey broke the hold on the referee’s four counts.

Ronda Rousey did a few judo tosses hit and then hoisted up Deville and hit the Piper’s Pit move and then
She followed up with the armbar for the submission win…

Ronda-Rousey defeated Sonya Deville

After the match over, Ronda-Rousey called for Flair to enter the ringside. Charlotte Flair enter the ring
with a taunt face then Ronda-Rousey take her feet over and applied an ankle lock hit move. Charlotte
Flair tapped out the referee was asked Ronda-Rousey to release the hold break off.

WWE Talk: The match was great. It was fine in terms of giving Ronda-Rousey a quick win. The post
match Ronda made her look dominant over Charlotte Flair, and Flair will be getting a lot of heat in the
weeks ahead Overall, this was a good show on the road to WrestleMania Event. It was newsworthy
thanks to the Intercontinental Title change along with the WWE WrestleMania developments.

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