William Regal apology Tweet – AEW Dynamite rating and viewership Analytics

An article you will know AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite rating and viewership for the Revolution fallout show and William-Regal sent a apologize Tweet. AEW [All Elite Wrestling] would have benefitted from teasing the surprise of Jeff Hardy’s debut.

William-Regal sent an apology Tweet.

William-Regal [Darren Kenneth Matthews] issued a public apology for going over his scheduled time during his promo segment on Wednesday’s AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite. {This is a Professional note from me as I have no other form of [social media] and would rather my new colleagues see this as I don’t like gossip} William Regal wrote on Twitter {I’m am very sorry to everyone effected [sic] by my time issues last night. I apologized to everyone personally effected [sic]. I should be showing people by example and being a Pro and hitting my times.}

[AEW Talk] Another example of being a pro is apologizing for a mistake. Kudos to Regal for reminding us all how that is done.



William-Regal [Darren Kenneth Matthews] was released by WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] along with several of his now-former colleagues in January month. The termination of [Darren Kenneth Matthews]Regal’s contract brought an end to his 22-year tenure with the company during which William-Regal performed multiple roles both on and off screen. While William-Regal may no longer be on the WWE payroll but his son Charlie-Dempsey is still an active member of the UK roster.

Charlie-Dempsey’s wrestling journey began in 2018 when his old man sent him to the motherland to train. Charlie-Dempsey performed on a few UK indie shows and eventually joined New Japan Pro Wrestling as a Young-Lion. Charlie-Dempsey officially signed with WWE back in January month.

Wednesday’s AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite television show produced 945,000 viewers for TBS and according to Showbuzzdaily.com. The viewership count was down from the 967,000 viewership total from last week.

William-Regal [Darren Kenneth Matthews] made his AEW debut in his adopted hometown of Orlando, Florida, United States during last Sunday’s Revolution PPV pay-per-view. The legendary British wrestler got a huge pop and there was not a would in that arena who was not happy to see him. William-Regal was no doubt very happy with how the debut unfolded his Dynamite debut is a different story, though.

William-Regal [Darren Kenneth Matthews] accompanied his former protege, Bryan-Danielson, to the ring on this week’s edition of AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite, on which Daniel-Bryan teamed with Jon-Moxley, another of William-Regal’s former pupils, to take on The Workhorsemen [Anthony Henry and JD Drake]. After the bell ring, William-Regal got on the mic and cut an emotional promo in which he addressed his journey to AEW [All Elite Wrestling] and admired both Jon Moxley and Daniel Bryan .. the latter of whom he referred to as “the perfect wrestler”

[AEW Talk] All Elite Wrestling Dynamite finished first in the 18-48 demo in Wednesday’s cable ratings with a 0.40 rating, up from last week’s 0.35 in the same demo WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] Raw finished with a 0.45 rating on USA Network. there are some folks wondering if AEW [All Elite Wrestling] would have benefitted from teasing the surprise of Jeff Hardy’s debut. Personally, we think they’ve gone overboard with the surprise teases. While there are definitely times when it makes sense to tease a surprise or a big announcement and also feel that having more unadvertised surprises can create the feeling that anything can happen which makes each episode feel more must see rather than just the shows where they hype the surprises in advance.

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