Top 5 money mods for GTA 5

Mods in GTA games provide a variety of ways to play the games. they create the same old games replayable by introducing new content. this may include anything from improved graphics to new gameplay mechanics.

Sometimes, they may also add new strategies for earning cash to the game. this article presents 5 such mods that facilitate players earning money in GTA five. a number of these are easy scripts whereas others add interesting new mechanics to the game.

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Some of the best the simplest the most effective GTA five mods for obtaining a lot of money

#5 Single Player money script

SinglePlayer Money Giver, A simple script that adds money
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A simple script that adds money here is an easy script mod wherever players get money each time they press E while in-game. However, there is a known bug where one might get their money deducted for pressing E too many times.

This mod is not recommended for players who use trainers (mod menus) as they have already supplementary such a possibility.

Download here

#4 Add money Script

Add Money Script
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Just like the previous mod, this is also an easy script mod that adds money to the Story Mode characters’ accounts. However, not like the previous mod on this list, this one simply fills the account balance to the most limit (a bit over $2 billion).

The protagonists will have their balance refilled anytime they pay cash. Hence, this script is a lot like a limitless cash mod.

Download here

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#3 Detailed money Menu

While this script mod is additionally terribly similar to the ones mentioned on top of, there is a little difference. This one comes with a menu that permits players to settle on the quantity of money they want to feature.

Players should read the accompanying directions for using the in-game menu because it uses a different set of controls.

Download Here

#2 Jump Distance w/Earn money

The 3D Universe grand theft auto games all had a standard fascinating feature involving stunt jumps. making an attempt at a vehicular stunt jump would grant a monetary bonus depending on the intensity of the jump. This mod simply adds this feature back to grand theft auto 5’s Story Mode.

Download Here

#1 Hack Money Here’s how to begin the hacking

Hack Money
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This is undoubtedly, doubtless, beyond, a question without doubt beyond any doubt} the foremost intriguing mod during this list as it permits an entertaining method of earning millions in exactly minutes. Players can ‘hack’ Life invader, Premium Deluxe Motorsport, the astronomer Observatory, and the Humane Labs by visiting these locations.

Then, they need to press E to start ‘hacking’, which is able to take up to five seconds. this may lead to a payout of $25K to $1.25 million.

Download Here


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