Simple tips to secure Worm Medal in COD Mobile Battle Royale

in this article, we will discuss how you can easily get Worm Medal in COD Mobile. COD Mobile gamers are sometimes required to gather obscure medals to finish numerous challenges within the sport. Season 5 has a bunch of recent content to the sport with a number of challenges to earn free rewards.

COD Mobile Battle Royale is normally fast-paced and aggressive. Gamers, most of the time, usually are not camping atop buildings or structures. Nevertheless, to save the highly coveted Worm Medal in COD Mobile BR, gamers should camp onerous on the Isolated map.

The Worm Medal is given to those that can keep susceptible for greater than 180 seconds. Doing so for 3 minutes may not appear to be a tough job, however in an aggressive lobby the place gamers are pushing each building, the task at hand can flip brutal.

How to Get Worm Medal in COD Mobile
Medal gallery in COD Mobile (Image via Call of Duty Mobile)

Seasonal challenges normally demand that players get Worm Medals in BR matches on a number of occasions to finish a problem. It is, without doubt, one of the commonplace quests in COD Mobile that always turns into troublesome to realize. Nevertheless, with the correct planning and the proper gear, they will full this goal and get the medal with no issues.

Best methods to get Worm Medal in COD Mobile

1) Drop-in Duos to get Worm Medal in COD Mobile

Worm Medal in COD Mobile Drop Duos
Playing Duos is the best way to win individual challenges (Image via Call of Duty Mobile)

Whereas squads are additionally possible, stepping into as duos are the easiest way to finish the challenge. One participant can lay prone whereas the other can stand guard if the opposite will get sniped or naded.

2) Hot drop to get the very best loot and safe the compound to get Worm Medal in COD Mobile

Worm Medal in COD Mobile Hot Drop
Sanatarium is a well known hot drop in COD Mobile (Image via Call of Duty Mobile)

Each isolated map earlier than the beginning of the sport exhibits the most effective loot places for that lobby. Players can drop into one of many hot drops and win all of the early gunfights and safe the compound with good loot earlier than laying all the way down to relaxation for 3 minutes.

In this manner, they are going to have the equipment to guard themselves, and normally, different teams won’t problem a compound they know is already looted.

3) Use Trap Master to get Worm Medal in COD Mobile

Worm Medal in COD Mobile Trap Master
Trap Master in COD Mobile (Image via Call of Duty Mobile)

Players mustn’t ever select to lie down within the open and as an alternative strive to attend to a double-storied compound and lay down on the upper stage. They’ll use Trap Master and set traps within the doorways, stairs, and under windows. They’ll additionally use smokes in case of emergencies.

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