Riki – Dota 2 fan suggesting John Cena Arcana design “You can’t see me” move for Riki

We all grew up seeing John Cena On WWE, But Recently John Cena’s Signature Move, “You Can’t See Me,” has been achieved iconic status and is really matching with Riki in Dota 2, character passive ultimate ability (R), Cloak & Dagger, gives permanent invisibility unless the character is under sources of vision.

WWE Super Star John Cena is one of my favorite and the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, John Cena wins a multiple-time WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. He is also one of the most clever wrestlers I have ever seen to ever fight in the arena.


Riki is a kind of disturbance knack hero that uses his invisibility power to surprise the enemies and hunt them one by one once the character acquires his core items in the Dota 2 Game.

Riki is Usually played as a carry in Dota 2, characters ultimate ability is Cloak and Dagger, which lets him sneak up to his enemies from their behind and deal a massive amount of backstab damage, and then quickly character escape.

On Reddit, The comment section was of that post was hilarious, as the dotaA2 community filled this post with a lot of comments. The post has over 5.4k upvotes (05:00 am IST), and it is expected to have a lot more.

Riki’s Voice

Riki’s voice lines clearly depicted that his pride in his power of invisibility skill, which is very much similar to WWE Super Star John Cena’s Signature Move, “You can’t see me.”

WWE Super Star John Cena is very famous for his clever fighting style, when John Cena delivers his finishing move “You Can’t See ME” out of nowhere, It’s very similar to Riki’s playstyle on Dota 2, who cleverly gets on to a fight, character eliminates all the support heroes in the backline and mostly comes out uninjured.

although Riki has some very pretty interesting cosmetics, which consist of a Sange and a Yasha these Two is his blades, Riki is until now to have skin of Arcana scarcity.

If this year’s character gets his Arcana, this won’t be the first time that Dota 2 developers may respond to meme-Esque Reddit posts.

On the 7.29b update of the Dota 2 Game, Elder Titan’s Earth Splitter delay time was also has been reduced from 2.8 to 2.7182 seconds, after a meme-Esque suggestion from a Reddit post.

If The Riki Arcana Develop By The Dota 2 Developers this will be a welcome surprise for many Dota 2 fans and John Cena fans also, as players have been waiting on some cosmetics changes for their favorite invisible carry.

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