Quordle 268 Answer for October 19, 2022

Searching for today’s Quordle answer? Don’t worry we have Quordle October 19, 2022 answer for you. Get today’s Quordle #268 Answers and Hints for Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Read the full guide to get your answers for today’s Quordle.

What is Quordle?

Outside of Wordle, Quordle has been the most popular regular word game due to its greater degree of difficulty. Instead of one, players need to predict the 4/5-letter words in nine tries or less.

Suppose you’re new and playing the game. In that case, you should learn how to play it in the dedicated practice mode, which allows you an unlimited number of Quordle word searches to solve, none of which count into your overall results, including your unbeaten streak.

How to play Quordle?

In the daily play mode, fresh text for the Quordle challenge is provided every day at midnight. If a player correctly answers all 4 words, the daily style puzzle will be added to their statistics, including their winning streak.


Game TypePuzzle Game
Game NameQuordle
Game Official WebsiteClick Here
Our WebsiteClick Here
Date19 October 2022
Words Of The DayCheck below for Quordle 268 answer


Quordle October 19, 2022 Hints & Clues

Here are your clues for Quordle 268, which will be solved on October 19, 2022:


Hint 1: Today first word starts with N, the second word begins with E, the third one is C and the last one is M


Hint 2: The first word is T, the second word is Y, the third word is N and the fourth word is R



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Quordle Daily Hints and Solutions by Xenonesports


Note: You will find exact solutions to today’s Quordle 268 words of the day in the column below.

Quordle 19 October 2022 Answer

Today’s Quordle 268 Solution October 19, 2022.

Here is your Today’s Quordle Solution and Answer for the day.

The solution to Quordle 268 is:


NIGHT is the first word of Quordle 268.

EVERY is the second word of Quordle 268.


COLON is the third word in Quordle 268.

MANOR is the fourth word of Quordle 268.



That’s all you should be doing to solve today’s Quordle 268. Also, have a look at our Today’s Wordle 487 Solution.

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