PUBG Mobile New anti-cheat system bans 809,566 accounts recently

PUBG Mobile has seen large success since its debut in 2018. The Battle Royale has loved unparalleled success when it comes to downloads, revenues, and different metrics.

Nevertheless, the rising recognition of the sport has led just a few to try to acquire unfair benefits by way of third-party purposes.

To fight this, developers of the sport have created an anti-cheat system that robotically prevents cheaters from taking part in the sport by suspending their accounts.

PUBG Mobile publishes a weekly report to lift consciousness concerning the kinds of cheats employed and the variety of banned accounts.

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheating System Report
PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheating System Report (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Throughout this previous week, i.e., from May twenty-eighth to June third, the sport completely banned 809,566 accounts from accessing the sport, which is 5 % lower than last week’s report.

A break-up of the PUBG Mobile accounts banned

  • 1% of Conqueror (highest) tier accounts
  • 11% of Ace tier accounts
  • 15% of Crown tier accounts
  • 14% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 10% of Platinum tier account
  • 8% of Gold tier accounts
  • 10% of Silver-tier accounts
  • 31% of Bronze (lowest) tier accounts

Greater than 30 % of the cheaters have been banned within the first-tier (Bronze Tier), which exhibits the efficacy of the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system.

Varieties of Cheats used in PUBG Mobile

  1. 28% of the cheaters have been banned resulting from auto-aim hack utilization, which helps aim whereas shooting enemies.
  2. 26% of the cheaters used the X-Ray vision script, which allowed them to see their opponent’s location when enemies are covered by walls.
  3. 14% have been using speed hacks to outperform enemies by way of an unfair motion benefit.
  4. 6% of the hackers received suspensions resulting from using a modification of area damage. The cheat helped them enhance bullet damage.
  5. 9% of the hackers have been banned because of using the modification of character model modifications.
  6. The remaining 17% received banned resulting from unspoken causes.

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