PMPL EMEA Championship 2021: Qualified teams, Schedule, where to watch, and more

The PUBG Mobile Pro League – PMPL EMEA Season 1 2021 Championship will kick off on June twenty-fourth (Thursday).

PMPL EMEA Championship Season 1 2021 Region

The EMEA region (Europe, Center East, and Africa) will see 16 prime groups compete over 4 days for the title of final champion.

PMPL EMEA 2021 Prize Pool

With an enormous prize pool of $150,000, where first place will get $40,000, second place will get $28,000 and third place will get $18,000. The tournament MVP will get $2000 as well.

PMPL EMEA will host a complete of 24 matches performed within the three basic maps. The match will probably be broadcast on the PUBG Mobile Esports Official YouTube/Fb/Twitch.

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PUBG Mobile Pro League – PMPL EMEA Championship teams


1) Top 5 teams from PMPL Arabia 2021

2) Top three teams from PMPL CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) 2021

3) Top three teams from PMPL Turkey 2021

4) Top three teams from PMPL Western Europe 2021

5) Winner of PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Africa 2021

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EMEA 2020 champion Natus Vincere was straight invited to the event as defending champions.

Sadly, Galaxy Racer from India did not qualify for the event as they completed in eighth place within the PMPL Arabia finals.

Groups taking part within the PUBG Mobile Pro League – PMPL EMEA Championship:-

PMPL EMEA Championship Teams 2021 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
  • Natus Vincere (Invited)
  • Gunz Esports (Arabia Champions)
  • Rico Infinity Crew (Arabia)
  • FATE Esports (Arabia)
  • Nasr Esports (Arabia)
  • Sudor Esports (Arabia)
  • 1218 (CIS)
  • Crew Unique (CIS Champions)
  • Konina Power (CIS)
  • Futbolist (Turkey)
  • Next Ruya Gaming (Turkey Champions)
  • World of Wonders (Turkey)
  • Panda (Western Europe Champions)
  • Godsent (Western Europe)
  • Destiny (Western Europe)
  • Slime4KT (Africa Champions)
PMPL EMEA championship 2021 Schedule
PMPL EMEA championship 2021 Schedule (image via PUBG Moible)

It is not going to be a simple job for CIS teams to copy their previous efficiency, as Arabia has now improved drastically whereas, in Western Europe and Turkey, new teams like Panda and Subsequent Ruya have gained traction.

We are going to witness the conflict between the Titans (Natus Vincere, Futbolist, and Konina Energy) on the match, which will certainly grow to be immensely entertaining.

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