NPPW Strong Results 3/12/22 – 12th March 2022

NJPW Strong Results 3/12/22. NJPW Strong Results 12 March 2022. NJPW Strong will broadcast with a new episode of NJPW Strong [New Japan Pro-Wrestling] in Streamed on New Japan World from Los Angeles, California at The Vermont Hollywood, United State

we are here to report the results of NJPW Strong [New Japan Pro-Wrestling]  March 12, 2022.

NJPW Strong Results:


1. [Hikuleo] vs. [Kevin Knight]

Kevin-Knight immediately ran at Hikuleo with his dropkick to begin the match Kevin-Knight landed a wild splash and then eventually hit an outside splash hit onto Hikuleo. Kevin-Knight went to the top and leaped over Hikuleo. Kevin-Knight came at Hikuleo, but Hikuleo threw Kevin-Knight in the air and hit a tough elbow to take control.

Hikuleo threw Kevin-Knight into a corner and tried to cover Kevin-Knight with his boot but Kevin-Knight was kicked out. Kevin-Knight chopped hit Hikuleo and Hikuleo tried to return the favor but Kevin-Knight ducked. As a result, Hikuleo hit a massive forearm hit move and got a two-count. Hikuleo stood on Knight’s back and Kevin-Knight screamed in agony. Hikuleo hit a forearm and then threw Kevin-Knight across the ring arena Hikuleo ran at Knight but Kevin-Knight moved and fired up with chops hit and an uppercut, but Hikuleo cut him off with a headbutt hit move. Hikuleo hit a body slam for a one-count. Hikuleo worked a chin-lock and when Kevin-Knight tried to fire up Hikuleo cut Kevin-Knight off again with forearms hits to Knight’s back Hikuleo lifted Kevin-Knight for a suplex but Kevin-Knight countered and eventually hit an enzuigiri move.

Kevin-Knight ran at Hikuleo and hit a dropkick and a splash move. Kevin-Knight kicked Hikuleo’s leg, but Hikuleo ran the ropes and Kevin-Knight actually hit that perfect dropkick on 6-foot-8-inch Hikuleo. Unreal Kevin-Knight ran the ropes, but Hikuleo lifted him, but Kevin-Knight got out and landed a standing frog splash hit. Kevin-Knight went for a Boston Crab hit but Hikuleo fought him off, chopped strikes hit him, and choke slammed hit move him for the Victory win via pinfall.

Hikuleo [Tautuiaki Taula Koloamatangi] defeated [Kevin Knight]


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2. [Kevin Blackwood] vs. [Ariya Daivari]

After made the entrance and the bell rang to begin the match Ariya-Daivari hit a shoulder tackle and taunted Kevin-Blackwood. Kevin-Blackwood took Ariya-Daivari down and worked a double wrist-lock hit. Kevin-Blackwood hit a knee and threw Ariya-Daivari halfway across the ring arena for a slam. Ariya-Daivari came back with a Russian Leg Sweep hit. Kevin-Blackwood answered that with a kick to Ariya-Daivari’s chest and a chop hit. Kevin-Blackwood hit a kick and went for a Texas Clover Leaf hit move but Ariya-Daivari threw Kevin-Blackwood to the outside of the ring arena and Ariya-Daivari hit a shoulder tackle through the ropes. Ariya-Daivari hit a chop. Ariya-Daivari went for a pin but only got a one-count. Ariya-Daivari threw Kevin-Blackwood into a corner. Before long, Ariya-Daivari landed a draping neck-breaker over the second rope and hit a trap DDT move then pin him but got for a two-count.

Ariya-Daivari went for his finisher move but Kevin-Blackwood ducked and fought back with some forearm hits. Kevin-Blackwood hit a series of German Suplexes moves. Kevin-Blackwood then landed a super-kick and other German Suplexes for a two-count. Kevin-Blackwood hit a rolling elbow and went to the top rope, but Ariya-Daivari moved away Kevin-Blackwood rolled through and hit a Spicoli Driver move and pin for a two-count.

Kevin-Blackwood hit a series of kicks to Ariya-Daivari, but Daivari caught Blackwood’s leg and eventually planted Blackwood. Ariya-Daivari then hit his finishing clothesline for a hell of a near-fall. Wow. But the match kept going. Ariya-Daivari rolled to the outside arena and grabbed a chair. Ariya-Daivari went to hit Kevin-Blackwood but Ariya-Daivari stopped himself. Ariya-Daivari threw the chair to the outside arena and the crowd booed? Kevin-Blackwood then surprised Daivari with an inside cradle hit and got the 1-2-3 Victory win.

[Kevin Blackwood] defeated [Ariya Daivari] via pinfall


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3. [Jay White] vs. [Swerve stephon Strickland]

After made the entrance the bell rang to begin the match and Jay-White rolled to the outside arena and Swerve-Strickland hit a kick on White. Swerve-Strickland threw Jay-White back into the ring and worked over White with chops and strikes hit. Swerve-Strickland went for a double-stomp, but Jay-White rolled to the outside arena but Swerve-Strickland caught him and stomped on Jay-White’s hands. Swerve-Strickland hit a big boot and got a one-count out of it. Swerve-Strickland rolled at White, but Jay-White countered with a DDT hit move to slow things down. Jay-White landed some massive chops hits.

Jay-White landed a neck-breaker hit which was good enough for a two-count. Jay-White worked a head-lock went back to a chin-lock hit move while giving the White threw Swerve to the mat, but Swerve-Strickland popped right up and chopped hits White. Jay-White came back with a chop hit of his own Swerve-Strickland then chopped hit White. They traded chops strikes hits the sequence ended with Swerve-Strickland kicking Jay-White to the outside of the ring arena. Jay-White came back into the ring, but Swerve-Strickland fired up and hit an elbow to the back of Jay-White’s neck. Swerve-Strickland hit a tilt-a-whirl slam and hit into a brain-buster hit move for a two-count. After trading move attempts, Jay-White hit a modified German Suplex to get back on the offensive. Jay-White hit a running uppercut move and went for a slam but Swerve-Strickland countered into an inside cradle hit move for a two-count.

Jay-White hit a deadlift German Suplex move White then landed a twisting suplex move for a two-count. Jay-White and Swerve-Strickland are the two traded strikes hits. Jay-White jawed at Swerve and chopped hit to Swerve-Strickland. Swerve came back with some kicks, but Jay-White kept on his chops hit. Jay-White ultimately choke-slammed Swerve-Strickland. Jay-White went for a suplex, but Swerve landed on his feet and hit the Eagle’s Slide hit move, but he couldn’t capitalize with a pin Instead. Swerve-Strickland kicked White to the outside and hit a double-stomp while Jay-White was hanging by his feet on the bottom rope. Back in the ring, Swerve-Strickland went to the top rope and landed the double stomp for a good near-fall. Swerve-Strickland lifted White, but Jay-White countered into an attempted Bladerunner hit move. Swerve countered that and worked an arm submission move Swerve tried to lift White, but Jay-White ran Swerve into the referee and low-blowed Swerve-Strickland then Jay-White hit a Sleeper Suplex move and the Bladerunner move and that was the end for the Victory win.


Jay White [Jamie White] defeated Swerve [Stephon Strickland] via pinfall


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