New Champion Dolph Ziggler Shocked WWE NXT 2.0 ROADBLOCK

An article you will know what happens in WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] NXT this week’s event.

WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] NXT 2.0 Results

NEW NXT Champion Dolph-Ziggler [Nicholas Theodore Nemeth] defeated Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker

[Bron Breakker] vs. [Tommaso Ciampa] vs. [Dolph Ziggler] for the NXT Championship Title


Dolph-Ziggler teased a superkick to Bron-Brakker but decided to pull back and roll to ringside. Tommaso-Ciampa punched Bron-Breakker. Dolph-Ziggler jumped in to shove aside Ciampa and pummel Breakker with punch hits. Bron-Breakker recovered and gave Ziggler an Irish whip into the rope. Bron-Breakker went for a flying shoulder tackle but he crashed and burned due to Tommaso-Ciampa dodging.

Bron Breakker gave Ciampa and Ziggler a double suplex. Tommaso-Ciampa avoided a Frankensteiner attempt. Dolph-Ziggler reversed a Fairy Tale Ending into a jackknife hit for the two counts. Ciampa catapulted Ziggler into the top buckle Tommaso-Ciampa hit Breakker with a corkscrew plancha, leading to him doing his signature back pat hit. Tommaso-Ciampa pulled a Rocky Romero by giving his opponents alternating lariats but Ziggler recovered and dropkicked Ciampa. [Commercial Break]

Dolph-Ziggler hits Ciampa with the 10 punches in the corner. Tommaso-Ciampa escaped and gave Ziggler an Atomic Drop. Bron-Breakker gave Ziggler a Belly-to-Belly move. Bron-Breakker Flapjacked at Ciampa. Bron-Breakker locked Ciampa in the Steiner Recliner hit. Dolph-Ziggler locked Breakker in a sleeper moves which allowed Ciampa to roll away Bron-Breakker broke the sleeper by falling onto Ciampa. All three men took their time to recover and soak in NXT chants All three men traded fatigued punches and chops hits. Tommaso-Ciampa caught Breakker with a running knee. Dolph-Ziggler hit Ciampa with a Fameasser and Zig Zag finisher move for a two count. Dolph-Ziggler teased the Shawn Michal’s superkick but was dragged by Breakker. Bron-Breakker awkwardly rolled to ringside to avoid the action. Tommaso-Ciampa gave Ziggler Project Ciampa hit finisher move for a two count. Bron-Breakker speared Ciampa when Ciampa tried to give Ziggler a Fairy Tale Ending.

Bron-Breakker turned Ziggler inside out with a spear. Breakker hit Dolph-Ziggler with his Military Press Slam move. Robert-Roode ran out to pull the referee to ringside. Bron-Breakker gave Roode a superkick hit. Tommaso-Ciampa hit Breakker with a Willow’s Bell and Fairy Tale Ending moves. Dolph-Ziggler tried to steal the pin but Bron-Breakker kicked out. Tommaso-Ciampa went for the DIY knee on Breakker but Robert-Roode pulled Breakker to ringside. Dolph-Ziggler came out of nowhere with a superkick hit on Tommaso-Ciampa to pick up the win Victory and title.

[Dolph-Ziggler] defeated [Tommaso Ciampa] and [Bron Breakker] via pinfall and become the new NXT Champion.

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Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode posed at the top of the stage with Dolph Ziggler’s new championship Title.

In a Triple Threat for the NXT Championship Title on Tuesday night, Dolph Ziggler became the first WWE Superstar to ever hold the NXT Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. A title he did never held in WWE, Dolph-Ziggler was out to prove he could come back from a loss on Monday’s Raw and Suddenly win NXT’s biggest prize the Championship Title, all while proving a point against Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker. If he could take the title in a match where one slip up by either man could mean the end of Breakker’s title reign, Dolph Ziggler would be happy to usher in the dawn of a Dirty Dawg era.

To close the contest, Tommaso Ciampa hit Ziggler with the Fairy Tale Ending for a near fall and Bron Breakker hit Ziggler with the military press powerslam. That would have been enough to put Dolph-Ziggler away but with his tag team partner Robert Roode by his side and there to save The Showoff, a superkick was all Dolph-Ziggler needed to secure the win. With the title win, a main roster star now holds the NXT Championship and it will be very interesting to see which direction WWE and NXT will go in the future. Will Bron-Breakker make a full-time jump to the main roster? or Will Dolph-Ziggler come back and bring the title with him? What does this mean for WrestleMania Event?

Dolph-Ziggler Earned Another Singles Run with The NEW NXT Champion.


It’s not likely Robert-Roode will be leaving Dolph-Ziggler’s side anytime soon but Dolph-Ziggler absolutely deserves a chance to have a run with the title. Shawn Michaels said of Dolph Ziggler’s win, [You can’t argue the fact @HEELZiggler is talented…And now you can’t argue the fact he is #WWENXT Champion!!!now. Wow! What a main event!!!] said, Michael

Shawn Michaels was right in that this was a strong match he knew that something Ziggler consistently delivers – and overall, now WWE NXT 2.0 Roadblock was a solid show.

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