Jeff Hardy Official in AEW, The Hardy Team Change AEW

An Article The Following the AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite debut Hardy Boyz of his brother Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy has revealed just how much The Hardy Boyz need each other.

Jeff-Hardy made his entrance to a big pop. Once in the ring arena, Jeff-Hardy helped clear most of the heels from the ring. The Blade was left behind Matt-Hardy gave Blade hit a Twist of Fate move, then Jeff-Hardy went up top and performed a Swanton Bomb hit. Matt-hardy and Jeff-hardy hugged to a big ovation. Sting and Samuel Ratsch stayed back and looked at the Hardys.

A kept secret in that everyone knew it was coming sooner or later, and yet it still felt like a big deal when his music hit and he walked onto the AEW [All Elite Wrestling] stage for the first time. When Jeff Hardy re-signed with WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment], actually wondered if we did see the Hardy brothers team up for the last time, so it felt special to see their latest reunion. It also gets Matt Hardy out of the throwaway undercard act that was the Andrade Hardy Family Office. The angle with Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen voting out Matt Hardy was predictable from the moment that they established who had the voting power, but it should lead to some fight matches between them and the Hardys in the future.

In case you missed it, Jeff Hardy arrived in AEW [All Elite Wrestling] while Matt Hardy was being beaten down by his former AHFO stablemates as a result of Andrade El Idolo’s hostile takeover during the AHFO emergency board meeting. Jeff Hardy made the save and

The Hardy Boyz were finally reunited.

Jeff Hardy came to the aid of his brother Matt Hardy and made his AEW [All Elite Wrestling] debut in the process during this week’s edition of AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite on TBS, and it’s safe to say that Matt Hardy is happy to be working alongside his brother once again.


“The emotion is real. We need each other more than people understand,” Matt Hardy tweeted shortly after the segment in which his brother debuted. Matt’ Hardys tweet was accompanied by an image of the two brothers hugging during the segment.

[Sometimes in pro wrestling, you do not see a performer performing, you witness human beings conveying genuine emotions. Reuniting with my brother on [AEW Dynamite] last night was as real as it gets. A legit moment,] Matt Hard wrote in a follow-up tweet the following day at AEW.

Jeff Hardy was released by WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] in December following an incident at a WWE live event at which he allegedly performed while inebriated Jeff Hardy was reportedly sent home from the house show, which led to much speculation among fans regarding his well-being.

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A few weeks back, Legendary AEW play-by-play announcer Jim Ross said it was a no-brainer that Jeff Hardy should join AEW.

[hope that someday he’s wrestling for AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Jim Ross said during a recent episode of his Grilling Jim Ross podcast. “It’s a no-brainer. Can you imagine the Young Bucks and the Hardy Boyz? The Hardyz and the Lucha Bros? The Hardyz and FTR, the battle of North Carolina…there’s a year right there, easy. So in any event, when the lay of the land is conducive…somewhere down the road that’s be the thing to do, and it would help the tag team scene immensely]

recently Tony khan announce it officially Jeff Hardy in AEW

A tweet by the Young Bucks [Matthew and Nicholas Massie] seems to hint that they’d like to be first in line for a shot at the brothers. With a simple “…” after AEW posted that Jeff Hardy was now officially All Elite, it was quick to see the Young Bucks want to continue things where they last left off as these two teams battled in the past.

Prior to the Hardy Boyz returning to WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment] at WrestleMania, they were wrestling against the Young Bucks Matthew and Nicholas Massie in Ring of Honor. It was a classic bout that took place when Ring of Honor was really gaining momentum The matchup between the Hardys and The Young Bucks was a big part of their success.


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