FFXIV Healer Tier List – Best healer in FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

This FFXIV healer tier list is supposed to guide you on which member of this savior model job is best for you! Group content simply isn’t potential without proper healers, in any case. And whereas gamers in some communities drawback from the accountability, Last Fantasy XIV offers incentives like bonus Tomestones to get gamers healing.

In this article, we will talk about all the very best FFXIV healer tier list, you can find the best healer in FFXIV healer tier list and save your friends.

Fortunately, within the build-up to Endwalker, healers are in an incredible spot proper now. They’re all fully viable whereas providing one thing distinctive. The higher be, too, since we haven’t had a brand new FFXIV healer tier list to grace this tier list because of the unique Heavensward enlargement. That’s lastly altering in Endwalker — alongside the fundamentals of healing generally by the sound of it. However, in the interim, you possibly can’t go mistaken with the Scholar, White Mage, or Astrologian. Hopefully, this tier list will as a substitute provide you with a way of which job is greatest for you. Whether or not you’re a first-time group leader, or seeking to change things up, it’s time to offer these benefic beauties a glance.

FFXIV Healer Tier List S Tier
FFXIV Healer Tier List – S Tier: Astrologian – Image Via FFXIV

S Tier: Astrologian – FFXIV Healer Tier List

When it comes to potential power, the Astrologian can’t be beaten. Not less than not till the Sage and Endwalker stability adjustments mix up the meta. That is probably the most versatile healer of the bunch — able to swapping between each uncooked and barrier-style healing available to Scholar and White Mage. It’s usually greatest to have each time doable (i.e. when in the group with a second healer).

Amidst all of it, the Astrologian additionally gives beautiful damage buffs for the complete party. Veteran FFXIV gamers usually put a premium on fast completion of early to midgame content: Duty Roulettes and such. That makes Astro a really versatile and potent job for high-level content and helpful whenever you’re mindlessly grinding. It’s additionally very enjoyable, energetic, and uniquely flavored, which means it’s virtually by no means boring to play.

Although there are some downsides… The Astrologian is cursed with being a category launched through the Heavensward growth; that means it doesn’t unlock till dozens of hours into the sport and forces you to grind 20 additional ranges. You possibly can’t even use the Predominant Situation roulette or the extra productive Beast Tribe quests to journey that road back to Level 50. It’s a punishing slog for brand new gamers, however not likely an issue with the job, a lot because of the design of the sport. Older FFXIV content has gotten higher (and extra-condensed), nevertheless it’s nonetheless not good.

One precise difficulty with itself is complexity. The job has been considerably simplified since its introduction (as have most FFXIV classes). But it nonetheless requires extra rote memorization than the opposite healers on this tier list. The Astrologian draws magic playing cards to use its damage buffs and you might want to know, at a look, which cards present essentially the most profit to which gamers. It’s not as advanced as, say, remembering the varied Ninja mudra. It simply takes some practice. And that’s demanding when you’re actually the lifeline of your team in group content. At a similar time, the potential energy of the Astrologian places it within the prime slot.

FFXIV Healer Tier List A+ Tire
FFXIV Healer Tier List – A+ Tier: Scholar – Image Via FFXIV

A+ Tier: Scholar – FFXIV Healer Tier List

The margin between FFXIV healers is fairly slim. That’s why the Scholar will get just a little plus signal subsequent to its A rank on this tier list. There’s barely a distinction in efficacy between any of those jobs. The Scholar will get a particular nod in the midst of the pack for being enjoyable and distinctive — in addition to offering extra beloved utility for group content.

Chain Strategem is a superb assist skill that will increase vital hit rates against a goal for a short while. That advantages your complete team without forcing you to take your eye off healing. In reality, there’s a little bit of a clumsy push and pull within the FFXIV community concerning simply how a lot of damage healers are anticipated to dish out. Some teams want a participant who hastens content (significantly midrange dungeons) by being a powerhouse. Others simply need the help of participants to maintain everybody alive. The mark of a really good healer is understanding when the crew actually wants which, and when someone in party chat doesn’t know what they’re speaking about.

Students are technically a “pet class” in MMO parlance. This means they’ve got a tiny fairy pal who does stuff for them. Although the pet administration has been closely simplified in comparison with the bottom sport, turning your fairy largely right into a supply of passive healing. That gives a small security web. Should you get distracted dealing damage — or simply get overwhelmed — then your fairy may have you again. There’s a refined form of consolation that comes from by no means feeling alone, too, that’s distinctive to jobs of this kind.

There’s a little bit of added complexity to the Scholar which balances out the passive pet healing. It is a “barrier healer,” which depends extra on laying down defensive spells that soak up damage. Versus simply casting Benediction again and again. This retains the job from feeling fully mindless. You might want to study and memorize boss patterns to be fully efficient. In any other case, you’ll be too late to make use of half your expertise successfully. This makes for enjoyable stability of problems and luxury.

FFXIV Healer Tier List A Tire
FFXIV Healer Tier List A Tier White Mage – Image Via FFXIV

A Tier: White Mage – FFXIV Healer Tier List

White Mage throws out all that stuff about balancing damage and healing. That is at the moment the one “pure” healer of FFXIV — releasing it as much as deal a lot of damage for its function. It additionally has the skill Holy: an area-of-effect damage spell that comes with a stun. Whereas not technically a barrier, this does successfully perform as one throughout non-boss battles in dungeons and a few raids. The monsters can’t damage your tank if they’ll assault! That ethos continues all through the White Mage job because it has the very best personal damage output of any healer in FFXIV.

There’s actually very little else to say concerning the White Mage. They heal well and kill well. They’re additionally the best healer to wrap your head around. Although I virtually wouldn’t advocate it as the primary class for a newbie to play. The reason is that, for all its explosive power, White Mage is fairly uninteresting to DPS within early sports content. It doesn’t get that rather more attention-grabbing later, however, the dungeons and different group content do, providing you with extra to do than simply solid an an identical couple of damage spells by means of story missions.

However, White Mage is incredible for first-time healers. It’s straightforward to learn with an incredible “get out of deep shit free card” within the type of a full heal. Mid-level group content additionally flies by with a White Mage — making it nice for grinding and serving to buddies do the identical.

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