Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes October 2022

Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes: There are very few people in the world who don’t like video games. Everyone likes to play games, young and old. Everyone likes action games now, once you go to the virtual world of adventure or battlefield, you don’t want to come back. Dragon Ball Legends is one such mobile video game that has recorded 70 million players worldwide so far.

Dragon Ball Legends was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. A famous Japanese video game maker with offices located in Minato-ku, Tokyo. In this work, they are joined by another famous Japanese game maker Dimps Corporation whose office is located in Osaka. Today’s Dragon Ball Legends is the result of the tireless work of a group of creative people.

Dragon Ball Legends game

This game is known as the most popular anime game in the world. All game lovers old and new play it. To play it you have to redeem the game code, which is no different from any other game. Every month you can get its new code which the manufacturer gives as a bonus gift to the players. Read the complete registration to know more about Dragon Ball Legends game and redeem attractive bonuses.

Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes

Why Dragon Ball Legends are so popular?

One of the reasons why Dragon Ball Legends has become so popular in such a short period of time is because of its great 3D graphics, as well as its anime-esque 2D action animations, and the fact that even adults enjoy it. Another reason Dragon Ball Legends is popular worldwide is its PvP mode where players engage in real-time battles and prove their superiority by defeating all their enemies.

Game:Dragon Ball Legends
Publisher:Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Available on:iOSPlayStore,
Reward Type:Gems, Coins



How to get Dragon Ball Legends free codes

Special codes are required to play any game, and players collect them anyway. In this case, the game makers organize various events so that everyone can participate and get the DBL free codes. You need to collect the Dragon Ball Legends codes in the same way.

You can also grab free promo codes for Dragon Ball Legends that can get you hundreds of Gems, Coins, Summon Orbs, Senju Beans, and Hero Shards Game Research. And you will get all this from in-app but before that, you have to redeem the code, which you can easily get if you want.

In this article, I will give you a list of the latest Dragon Ball Legends codes, how to redeem them and how they work.


Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes and Coin Redeem

Anything has a fixed term, at the end of which you can’t use it if you want. Similarly, the Dragon Ball Legends code that I am presenting to you will also have a specific period. Once the period expires you can’t play using that. That’s why you should redeem the codes as soon as possible. Through these, you can get various rewards. Game developers Bandai Namco and Dimps are very generous people to all of us that you are going to get the free coins, but again I would like to remind you to redeem them quickly.



We have verified all the codes provided in today’s Register which are active now. So now you redeem the codes and enjoy this great game. Note that these codes will change very soon and we will also change them here.

Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes for October 2022:

CodesRewards will be given by redeeming
Freepull30200 gems and two advanced summon orbs
b6AyELBt500x Gems
w3cBk2QJS rank Piccolo
wayline7yz300x Gems
waylinexxk300x Gems
wayline628300x Gems
X6AyEGBv300x Gems
Resource999199x Gems, 9999 Coins
i4PNW4nV100x Gems, 500,000 Coins
qhebjHH500x Gems
B5kMAvGk400x Gems
b4PMjyud200x Gems
L5kJ69m20x SS Hero Shards
R5kKCeDw200x Gems and 2 Senzu Beans
OneIsAllGems, Coins, and other Exclusive rewards



How to redeem the codes?

All these Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes are working and tested, for now, we will update this space as soon as we know more free redeemable Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes.

You can redeem Dragon Ball Legends Free Codes very easily in Dragon Ball Legends. This game has an in-game code redemption center, your job is to enter these codes there and their job is to give you gifts quickly, how to do it is mentioned below

  • Click on the player icon at the top left of your mobile game screen
  • There you will get redeem code option click here
  • You will see a box here enter your Dragon Ball Legends free codes and tap exchange
  • In the next option, you claim all your gifts

Well your work is done now you enjoy the world’s most popular enemy game Dragon Ball Legends


Can I play DBL on my computer?

This is a mobile game but if you want to play it on your computer yes you can. To play this game you need an Android Emulator which is available on market.

How can I collect free codes?

If you want to enjoy your game you need to collect the codes which are free. By putting this on your game you can redeem gifts as well. You can get the codes on regular basis from our site. Please bookmark this page on your computer to get the updates.

Can I sell my characters on DBL?

You can buy or sell your account on DBL, so if you want to sell you can create on offer by clicking on your profile.

What is the game rating?

Dragon Ball Legends is most famous games nowadays and it has millions of fan around the world. More than 10M have already been downloaded from Play Store. It has 4.4/5 on Play Store and 4.8/5 on App Store.

Who designed the characters?

Akira Toriyama has designed the brand new characters.

How many DBL players are there?

It's not clear how many players are there. Its a famous game and sources says that it already crossed 70 millions players right now.

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