Can you play Valorant with a controller?

Can you play Valorant with a controller? The answer to the question is yes! you can play Valorant with a controller but you need to rely on some third-party apps. to know more about this read the full article.

Valorant is a PC game and the game does not support a controller officially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play the game with a controller. If you really want to play Valorant with a controller you need to use some third-party apps named reWASD. If you use a controller you might face some problems with aim assist and you might face slow movement.

Can you play Valorant with a controller?

Valorant can be played with a controller, however, due to a lack of native support, it is quite difficult to correctly adjust your sensitivity and key bindings. It might not be worth the bother because it might be a lengthy procedure.

Riot Games may ban you because you are using third-party software or apps to deceive the game into assuming you are using a keyboard and mouse. so far no user gets a ban because of using reWASD, but that does not guarantee that the developers will not ban you.

Valorant controller use instructions

What you must do in order to play Valorant using a controller is as follows:

  • Install an app that lets you connect your keys to a controller, such as reWASD.
  • Launch the program after connecting your controller to your PC.
  • For Valorant, make a new profile and manually configure your keybinds.

Ensure that don’t include any multi-key bindings or key combination macros that aren’t compatible with PCs because doing so might get you banned. In most games, multi-key macros are prohibited, and Valorant does not differ. Before using any apps to play games on a controller, you should speak with Valorant support if you have any concerns about their safety.

Note: Since the game does not officially support controllers, we highly advise not to use any third-party programs or apps. using third-party programs or apps might get you banned. So you should use controllers at your own risk if you still want to.

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