Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022 with daily Sehri and Iftar timetable PDF

Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022 with Sehri and Iftar timetable PDF download. Calgary Ramadan 30 days Full Calendar 2022 PDF download. Get Calgary Ramadan Calendar in PDF format.

Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022 with daily Sehri and Iftar timetable

If you are searching for Ramadan Calendar 2022 for Calgary, you come to the right place. here we are trying to provide you with Calgary Ramadan 30 days full calendar including daily Sehri and Iftar time. Get your Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022 Now.

The 1st Ramadan will start from 01 Apr 2022 in Calgary. and Ramadan Month will end on 30 Apr 2022 in Calgary. 1st Ramadan Sehri time is 05:35 AM and Iftar time is 8:11 PM in Calgary. please check the below for the full 30 days Ramadan Month Calendar 2022 for Calgary, or you can also download this Calendar in PDF format. we have included the PDF link also on this article.

Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022

105:35 AM8:11 PM01 Apr 2022
205:33 AM8:12 PM02 Apr 2022
305:30 AM8:14 PM03 Apr 2022
405:28 AM8:16 PM04 Apr 2022
505:25 AM8:17 PM05 Apr 2022
605:22 AM8:19 PM06 Apr 2022
705:20 AM8:20 PM07 Apr 2022
805:17 AM8:22 PM08 Apr 2022
905:14 AM8:24 PM09 Apr 2022
1005:12 AM8:25 PM10 Apr 2022
1105:09 AM8:27 PM11 Apr 2022
1205:06 AM8:29 PM12 Apr 2022
1305:04 AM8:30 PM13 Apr 2022
1405:01 AM8:32 PM14 Apr 2022
1504:58 AM8:34 PM15 Apr 2022
1604:55 AM8:35 PM16 Apr 2022
1704:53 AM8:37 PM17 Apr 2022
1804:50 AM8:38 PM18 Apr 2022
1904:47 AM8:40 PM19 Apr 2022
2004:44 AM8:42 PM20 Apr 2022
2104:42 AM8:43 PM21 Apr 2022
2204:39 AM8:45 PM22 Apr 2022
2304:36 AM8:47 PM23 Apr 2022
2404:33 AM8:48 PM24 Apr 2022
2504:30 AM8:50 PM25 Apr 2022
2604:28 AM8:52 PM26 Apr 2022
2704:25 AM8:53 PM27 Apr 2022
2804:22 AM8:55 PM28 Apr 2022
2904:19 AM8:56 PM29 Apr 2022
3004:16 AM8:58 PM30 Apr 2022

Download Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022 In PDF Format – Click Here

Disclaimer: Please be aware there’s a 01-minute preventative difference in each as Sehri ends one minute earlier and iftar begins with a one minute delay.

XENON ESPORTS makes each effort to confirm all data & time together with DST in (some nations) however, it’s best for you to double-check and seek advice from your local Mosque / Masjid.

Calgary Ramadan Timing 2022 with daily Sehri and Iftar time

There are completely different variations of this name. It’s known as Ramadan in Arabic and different pronunciations are additionally frequent in several parts of the world like Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan. The Islamic calendar is normally 10 to 12 days shorter than the Georgian calendar and Iftar time Calgary varies every year. It’s a cause that a lot of individuals make the most of the Ramadan calendar 2022 Calgary to verify Roza or Iftar time and Calgary Sehri time.

The Muslim population residing in Calgary can stay up to date with the Ramadan Calendar 2022 Calgary and might analyze the variety of fasting hours. In addition to Sehri or Suhoor and Iftar time in Calgary at present, you may also view prayer timings, Qibla path, and different details about Calgary on different pages.

Iftar time Calgary in several areas has a minor difference, particularly those which have an extended distance between them. The benefit of this Ramadan 2022 Calgary schedule is that it’s legitimate for Municipalities of Calgary along with Airdrie, Rocky View County, Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, Strathmore, High River, Crossfield, Black Diamond, and Turner Valley. Normally, it is strongly recommended to stop consuming one or two minutes earlier than the final Sehri time Calgary. With the assistance of this Ramadan 1443 calendar, you are able to do fasting as per the Calgary Ramadan timing 2022 in your city. Apart from taking a look at the up-to-date Ramadan 2022 Calgary timetable, you may also get details about Calgary sunrise time.

What is Sheri’s time in Calgary today?

A lot of individuals make the most of the Ramadan calendar 2022 Calgary verify suhoor time or Calgary Sehri time. you can get today’s Sheri time from our Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022. please check the upper table for today’s Sheri time.

What is Iftar Time in Calgary today?

The difference between Calgary Sehri time in Ramadan 2022 and for Roza or Iftar time is the entire duration of every fasting day. You’ll be able to open your fast on the Iftar time in Calgary for today. you can get today’s Iftar time from our Calgary Ramadan Calendar 2022. please check the upper table for today’s Iftar time.

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