Argentina’s farewell from the Olympics in tears

Argentina dropped out of the group stage of the Tokyo Olympic football. Akashi Sadara took to the field against Spain at Saitama Stadium with the equation that you have to win if you want to survive in the competition. However, the Argentina-Spain match was drawn 1-1.

Argentina is out from the Olympics

At the end of the first half, both teams left the field with equality. Spain came back from the break and went ahead in the 75th minute of the match. The Spaniards took the lead through Michel Marino’s goal and were great throughout the match. Three minutes before the end of the match, Argentina equalized with the goal of midfielder Thomas Belmont. The last one was there too, despite trying, Akashi Sadara could not find the goal.

Argentina left the field with tears in its eyes. After winning the Copa America, they also saw the reverse of the coin.

Spain became the group champion with 5 points in 3 matches and reached the quarter-finals. Their opponent in the last eight is Ivory Coast. Egypt, on the other hand, is Spain’s last eight-team in Group C with 4 points from 3 matches. They beat Australia 2-0 on Wednesday. Egypt’s opponent in the quarter is Brazil.

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