Area wise Load Shedding Schedule in Chittagong

Bangladesh Govt has taken some steps to reduce the production cost of power supply. Yes from today the whole Bangladesh will follow the area wise load shedding schedules. If you’re from Chittagong city or from Chittagong Division you can download the schedule and can read it.

How to check the area wise load shedding schedule in Chittagong city?

If you’re a user of Palli Bidyut Samiti, BPDB, DESCO, NESCO or DPDC you need to visit their website and from there you can check your local area wise load shedding schedule which will be applicable from today 19 July 2022. To know more follow the steps:



If you’re a user of Palli Bidyut Samiti, BPDB, DESCO, NESCO or DPDC you need to visit their website which are given below:
For Palli Bidyut Visit Here
For BPDB Visit Here
For DPDC Visit Here
For DESCO Visit Here
For NESCO Visit Here




After clicking on the sites it will take you to the official sites of the power boards. Now search the load shedding schedule over there


If you find the load shedding schedule which is hypertext linked click on it.


After clicking on the link you can see the load shedding schedule of your desired city, like if you’re looking for the Chittagong City Load Shedding Schedule you will see it and just click it.


When you see the area wise load shedding schedule download it from the site. Then open it on your laptop or mobile to see the area wise load shedding schedules.


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Area wise load shedding schedule for Chittagong city and Chittagong Division:

As we all know, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still continuing. The war has brought a lot of problems around the world. Especially the price of Oil and Food were hiked. To reduce the power production costs The Government of Bangladesh has taken some initiatives which will be implemented from today 19 July 2022.

High official meeting was held yesterday at the Prime Minister’s office, where high officials like Advisor of Prime Ministers on Power and Energy, The State Minister for Power and Energy, The Chief Secretary and Senior Secretary of the Prime Minister and other officials attended the meeting.

In the meeting there’s some point was identified and the decision were taken for load shedding schedule:

  • As of March 2022 the capacity of National Grid total power plant is 25,514 MW
  • Currently daily power demand of Bangladesh is around 12-14 thousand MW
  • 12000 MW is now producing daily so the load shedding will be around 2000MW/day
  • Though the diesel price is increasing in the world market so the diesel power plants will be shut down until further notice
  • Work from home will be reintroduced soon
  • Daily 1Hr area wise load shedding will be implemented for one week
  • If the problem is not solved then from next week it will be for 2 hours per day
  • Air conditioner should not be used after the prayer time in Mosjid.
  • Market and shops will be closed around 8 P.M
  • The schedule load shedding will start from 6 P.M to 11.59 P.M

So as we can see the results this will bring some positive impact on power distributions. Though people will suffer a lot, if they know the schedule before they can at least take some preparations.

So if you’re from Chittagong and you’re resides at Bahaddarhat, Chandgaon, Jamalkhan, Muradpur, GEC, Nasirabad, Khulshi, Akbarshah, Pahartali, Alongker, Bakalia, Chawkbazar, Kalurghat, Halishahar, Agrabad, Chowmuhoni, CEPZ, Patenga area or outside of the Chattogram city like in Patiya, Anwara, Banshkhali, Sitakunda, Raojan etc. You need to find out the schedule of area wise load shedding.

Area wise Load Shedding Schedule for Chittagong-1

Area Wise Load Shedding Schedule-1


Load Shedding

Area Wise Load Shedding Schedule-2


Schedule for load shedding

Area Wise Load Shedding Schedule-3


Load shedding schedule

Area Wise Load Shedding Schedule-4


Schedule for Ctg

Area Wise Load Shedding Schedule-5


Load Shedding for Ctg-2

Area Wise Load Shedding Schedule-6


Area wise load shedding CtgArea Wise Load Shedding Schedule-7

To know more about area wise load shedding please visit BPDB website


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