AEW Rampage Results 3/11/22 – 11 March 2022

AEW Rampage Results 3/11/22. AEW Rampage Result 11 March 2022. AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Rampage will broadcast with a new episode of AEW Rampage [Episode 31] from Estero, Florida at Hertz Arena, United States Aired on TNT Television.

we are here to report the results of AEW Rampage [All Elite Wrestling] 11 March 2022.

an article to know what happens in AEW [All Elite Wrestling] this week’s event.


AEW Rampage Results


  • Darby Allin [Samuel Ratsch] defeated Marq Quen via submission Victory
  • [Jamie Hayter] defeated [Mercedes Martinez] via pinfall Victory
  • [Keith Lee] defeated [QT Marshall] via pinfall Victory
  • Shane Swerve Strickland [Isaiah Swerve Scott] defeated Tony Nese via pinfall Victory

1. [Darby Allin] vs. [Marq Quen]

Darby-Allin held control for the first part of the match refusing to let go of a side head-lock. Marq-Quen draped Allin over the top rope Marq-Quen continued to have control sinking in a boot and working over Darby-Allin in the corner. Marq-Quen worked an abdominal stretch and went to pull the top rope for leverage but the referee broke it up. Darby-Allin then hip-tossed his way out of it. Marq-Quen moved Allin to the ropes but Darby-Allin tried to come back. Marq-Quen responded by taking Allin’s knees out and Allin fell to the apron. [c] [Commercial break]

Back from the break Darby-Allin hit a super-plex for a two-count. Darby-Allin went for something but Marq-Quen hit a back-flip knee-drop hit for a two-count. Marq-Quen worked Allin over in a corner but Darby-Allin reversed an Irish Whip. Marq-Quen got his knees up, though and hit a back-flipping flatliner for a two-count. Marq-Quen went for a suplex but Darby-Allin landed the Scorpion Death Drop hit.

Darby-Allin went to the top rope for a Coffin Drop hit but Isaiah-Kassidy distracted Allin and Marq-Quen pushed Darby-Allin off the top to the outside Arena. Marq-Quen then landed a 450 splash hit move onto Allin on the outside. Darby-Allin made it back into the ring barely to beat the count. Marq-Quen got a two-count. Marq-Quen went to the top and went for a shooting-star press hit move but Darby-Allin moved and sunk in the arm bar Marq-Quen tapped out and that was it.

[Darby Allin] [Samuel Ratsch] defeated [Marq Quen]

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2. [Mercedes Martinez] vs. [Jamie Hayter]

[Jamie Hayter] defeated [Mercedes Martinez]

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3. [QT Marshall] vs. [Keith Lee]

Powerhouse Hobbs [William-Hobson] stood behind the commentary team for the match The [Bask In His Glory] chants began the match before Keith-Lee hit a headbutt and worked Marshall’s wrist. Marshall fought back with some punches hit and mocked Keith-Lee but Lee hit a double chop to take Marshall down. Keith-Lee threw Marshall across the ring Marshall hit a neck-breaker and went to the top to and hit a missile dropkick move for a one-count.

Marshall landed some punches to Keith-Lee’s head. Keith-Lee started to fire up and stopped Marshall from whipping him. Keith-Lee hit a strong lariat move that flipped Marshall over. Keith-Lee lifted Marshall but Marshall’s lackeys distracted the referee and Marshall hit a thrust kick move and a step-up enziguri hit. Marshall went for the Diamond Cutter hit move but Keith-Lee caught him and hit a shoulder tackle. Keith-Lee then hit his finisher move for the win Victory.

[Keith Lee] defeated [QT Marshall]

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4. [Shane Swerve Strickland] vs. [Tony Nese]

Swerve-Strickland went to the top but Tony-Nese cut him off, kicked him, and lifted him for a fireman’s carry onto a knee-drop hit for a two-count. Tony-Nese sunk in his boot onto Swerve-Strickland’s neck. Tony-Nese eventually hit a roundhouse kick and a 450 splash move but he only got a two-count. Swerve-Strickland fired up and went for a tombstone but Tony-Nese bent out of the ring onto the apron. Swerve-Strickland hit a foot-stomp onto Tony-Nese on the apron. Swerve-Strickland rolled through to hit a face-buster for a two-count. Swerve-Strickland then kicked Nese in the head and hit the Stomp Swerve for the win victory.

[Shane Swerve Strickland] defeated [Tony Nese]

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