AEW Dynamite Results 3/16/22 – 16 March 2022

AEW Dynamite Results 3/16/22. AEW Dynamite Result 16 March 2022. AEW [All Elite Wrestling] Dynamite will broadcast this Wednesday with a new episode of AEW Dynamite (Episode 128) from San Antonio, Texas at Freeman Coliseum, United States show Aired live March 16, 2022, on TBS broadcast.

we are here to report the results of AEW Dynamite [All Elite Wrestling] on March 16, 2022.

an article to know what happens in AEW [All Elite Wrestling] this week’s event.

AEW Dynamite Results



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4. The Hardy Boyz [Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy] vs. Private Party [Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen]


Matt-Hardy started the match with Marq Quen. After an early advantage, Jeff-Hardy tagged into a strong reaction Matt-Hardy dropped down and Jeff splashed hit on Isiah-Kassidy in the corner. He then landed a low dropkick hits on Marq-Quen for a two count. Jeff-Hardy and Marq-Quen were the legal men at this point. Matt-Hardy tagged in and the Hardy boys landed a double-team suplex hit for a two count.

Isiah-Kassidy tagged in and landed a dropkick hit and a standing moonsault move on Jeff-Hardy for a two count. Kassidy then climbed to the second rope, but Hardy grabbed him and hit him with a Razor’s Edge move. Kassidy attacked Jeff-Hardy, who charged into the ring The referee held him back which allowed Marq-Quen and Kassidy to pull Matt-Hardy groin first into the ring post in the corner…[c][Commercial Break]

Kassidy and Marq-Quen isolated Matt-Hardy in the heel corner. Matt-Hardy recovered and attempted a side effect hit, but Kassidy dumped him to the floor. Isiah-Kassidy got in Matt’s face on the floor, and Matt-Hardy slugged him with a right hand Marq-Quen surprised him with an aerial move out to the floor, which appeared to have a bit of a rough landing for both men In the ring arena Isiag-Kassidy and Marq-Quen continued to stomp hit out Matt-Hardy in the corner.

Isiah-Kassidy taunted Jeff-Hardy and attempted to do his corner splash hit. Matt-Hardy caught him and landed a Uranage hit and slammed him into Marq-Quen in a dangerous-looking landing. Matt-Hardy made a hot tag to Jeff-Hardy, who quickly took down Isiah-Kassidy with a facebuster hit move. Jeff-Hardy went up top, but Marq-Quen split his legs They tried to set up Gin and Juice hit move, but Matt-Hardy caught Marq-Quen with a side effect hit to prevent it. Jeff-Hardy then splashed Kassidy for a two count.

Things broke down, and all four men got involved and fight then Suddenly Matt-Hardy landed a Twist of Fate finisher hit move on Isiah-Kassidy, and Jeff-Hardy followed up with a Twist of Fate for the win Victory.

“The Hardy Boyz” [Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy] defeated  “Private Party” [Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy]


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5. [Thunder Rosa]  vs.  [Britt Baker] in a cage match for the AEW Women’s Championship Title


[Thunder Rosa] defeated [Britt Baker] in a cage match and become the AEW Women’s Champion


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for more information click here for Article Part 1 Results Details 

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